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Serindipity the Fairie

About Me

Who is Serindipity?

She is Fun!!!!!

I am a 31 year old director for a local non-profit group.  I have enjoyed entertaining children of all ages for over ten years now. I completed courses as a dual major in child psychology, and music , while maintaining a 3.76 GPA. My goal is to be a music therapist, and work with special needs children. But for now I am settling down and decided to pursue my career in the non-profit world.  I am more than happy working with special needs children as a fairie, and my rates will not change. I speak english, some spanish, and I use american sign language, as well as hand signs. I enjoy getting on the same level as the children I work with, and find that I can do so easily. I am married and my husband at times comes with me as a helper for larger parties, (stinky the pirate)  I believe in using educational games, music, and a childs imagination, rather than video games, or a movie.  You only get to be a child once, so let them make the most of it!!!!



Imagination is the key!!!!!

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Let your imagination soar....